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Why do most of us that suffer from anger problems take it out on our men? My partner always says why do you do that?, and you are so lovely to everyone else.
I dont no why we do it or why we get so angry, what i do no is though, you are not alone on this at all, i cant believe how many women have the same problem with this.
I totally no what you mean when you say you dont no why but really you do this but, if you look deep inside you will find some of the reasons.
Such a crying shame that so many relationships are effected by this samr type of behaviour and noone has answers really its a hard one.
People have advised me of all sorts to to like try vitamins, maybe its a hormone imbalance, go on the pill, go to yoga. I have tryed several of these things and sometimes i find things that help like screaming into a pillow oes wonders for me lol i get giddy but sometimes it works. A resent thing i have started to do again what i havnt for a long time is walk, clear my mind. Lots of diferent things work for different people. Firstly w have to find out what is making us un happy and what kind of things trigger us off.
Writing here can help try writing next time you are angry thn read it back and see take a deep look at what has started you off.

Hope your feeling a bit better, there are alot of people on this board that can relate to your problem xxx

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