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To put it simply, my family is pretty screwed up and my brother's a testament to that. He's the eldest son. He always had a chip on his shoulder, and was never that sociable until recent years. When we were little, he used to beat me up and get into fights with other kids at school. Our relationship has gotten better, now that he isn't so abusive anymore, though it's still far from perfect in my opinion.

He lives in San Diego now and he'll have been in the Navy for eight years this summer. He wants to shape himself up to be some ultimate badass and always acts like he's got something to prove. I think my parents are to blame for that. All he can think about is achieving peak physical conditioning and mastering god knows how many martial arts. It's as if he's been watching too many action flicks. Nobody cares, and hearing him talk about it gets annoying. He doesn't care what anyone says because he believes he can't live to be anything less than what he's pushing himself to be. Of course, I think he's full of it because he hasn't exposed himself to other ideas.

That's pretty much why he joined the military, against my parents' wishes too. He wanted to be in the marines and then in the special forces just so he can get in on the "real action". But after all the bickering he's had before leaving home, he settled with joining the Navy instead. It wasn't till last year that he learned that jobs in the Seals and Covert ops were mostly as dull and ludicrous as his own.

Anyway, when I spoke to him a couple of times on, he said he felt mentally compelled to hurt somebody no matter what decision he makes. In fact, he told me once before that he's already done things that he regrets but hasn't said what they were. At any rate, I told him it's a sign that he's fed up military life and should move on to something else. Whenever he takes leave and visits me and his fiance up north, he doesn't think like that.

He actually agreed. But now he's thinking about staying in the service for 11 more years to clear his debts. I'm concerned for his well being, but I don't know what to tell him.

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