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Hi chubby. Your thread has touched me. I am also one of these women that hit out at her boyfriend although i dont beat him i have hit out at him several times throughout our relationship.
Your partner has deeper lying issues that probley dont even have anything at all to do with you. Until she admits that she has a problem there is nothing you can do to help. Has she ever opened upto you about things that may have upset her in her life in the past at all? Does she relise what she has done wrong afterwards?

Niclolu quoted

Do you think that removing you and your daughter from this environment will help? I cannot imagine that it would make matters any worse. It has got to be better than what you are living with now. Imagine the impression your wife's behavior is leaving on your daughter. Will she grow up thinking this is normal behavior and it is ok? God forbid she gets into an abusive relationship in the future, will she learn to stay and endure the pain? Or will she learn to hit out of anger?
This is so true, Your daughter
needs somkind of level ground with you both. I put my anger down to what i watched my parents go through as a child, i have also had violent relationships just like niclolu said. Until i came to this board i didnt realise this. I havnt hit out for a while now and its because im getting to the roots of my problems. Dont for a minuet think that your daughter will not have memorys of this when she is older beacuse she will.

have you tried to talk to your partner and tell her you think she has issues that she needs to deal with for the sake of your daughter?

Keep us posted

Tizzy x

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