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my boyfriend has major anger problems and he blames everything on me all the time. i try to do everything to keep him from getting mad but some how i do everything wrong he says. wat do i do??
Dump him fast, before you fall too much in love with him to where you can't leave him and you end up with a life of misery because of HIM, NOT you!!
I agree with purple rose, dump him fast. I sometimes know what it feels like to be blamed for things I didn't do, and I also know what it feels like to try and avoid making him mad or upsetting him, walking on eggshells. Please leave, and move on. This is a huge warning sign. I wish I would have listened to mine. Good luck.
Totally agree with the previous posters. Life is too short and too difficult you don't need that. It is very harmful for you mentally and phisically.
get rid of him.....I doubt the problem is anger. Anger is the symptom of a bigger problem....maybe borderline personality disorder. That's something you don't want to be around.
I definitely agree with the previous posters. Get rid of him fast. Things are just going to get worse.
Get rid of him!! I know its hard but trust me he will not change unless he gets help. End it before it gets worse.
I sometimes can get angry on my girlfrleind, but after seeing all these posts, I'm going to stop doing that and respect her more :angel:

I guess that you shouldn't really dump him immediately. Some people can change.... however some can't. If you like him then I recommend to explore your options before acting without thinking.
I have a husband that gets tired very easily from work and sometimes says stupid things, like "Why don't you ever serve macoroni and cheese with the main dish? Why is it just chicken and sald?" Nothing ever like calling me names or hurting me in anyway. Correction, it kind of hurts when he nitpicks liek that, but I do realize that he is undera LOT of stress. And he apologizes, always.

Does your boyfriend do that for you? Is there any particular reason he could be so angry? Maybe, if you feel safe enough to, have a talk with him, and find out if there is anyhting underlying his anger issues. Maybe he just needs you to tell him that his attitude is hurting you and therefore hurting the relationship.

I'm not going to tell you to back out right away, as relationships do take work. But I [I]highly [/I] and [I]strongly[/I] encourage you to do some thinking and decide (after your talk) if stying in this relationship is really worth it.

**EDIT: Upon rereading your post, I suggest that you don't let this chat wait. Try to do it in a public place where he can't get too angry without causing a scene. And he gets angry, just leave. Arrange so that anything he has at his place (do this beforehand) if stuff that you can live without...a bra or two, contact lense fluid, make up, whatever. So that you don't have to go back. Hoping for the best, and please post again soon.

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