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Is it Possible?
Mar 11, 2008
Ok..I am an 18 year old female. And for the past couple years I have noticed that my anger has become more frequent and to say the least, its pretty uncontrolable. I seem to take it out on my family more often then not. I've been under alot of stress lately but it seems like my anger is out of control, I've never intentionaly flipped out on someone I didnt know except maybe for other dumb people driving ;)..I may have a case of road rage. But its not just driving when I get angry its like even when someone is talking to me it seems like they have an attitude with me and I just get so frustrated that I get angry and it turns into an all out wrath. My sister yelled at me the other day saying I had "MENTAL PROBLEMS"..I have become violent during these times of wrath. I fear I may hurt myself or others while in this mental stage. I've become more confused and seem to forget things that I was talking about just 5 minutes before. Is it possible I have an anger problem and is there anyway to treat it? I've tried to control myself but just getting aggitated seems to turn into an all out war with myself. Im so lost and I dont want to feel this angry feeling or get into these bits of wrath anymore. I know my mother has had mental issues since she was in her teen years..also last year at the end of 2007 my mom tried to commit suicide and was allmost successful if I hadnt called 911, she overdosed on pain medication and stopped breathing and was virtualy in an unconscious state, she was put on life support.Seeing that happen I also noticed I get even more angrier..but I dont know if it's genetic...Should I see someone? Im realy worried..I dont know who to tell or how to go about it..I just want to have a clear mind and not be so stressed out, I feel sometimes I might be depressed but I've never went to the doctor about it. Like I said I am 18 years old and it seems like in the past anyone I tell uses things I tell them against me, and going to my mom about it seems like a dead end because I dont want to let her know what she did added more stress to me..I mean imagine staring death straight in the face exspecialy your own mother..maybe my sister was right I do have mental problems..someone help me please. I need someone to look up to for advice, It realy hurts me to know that I may have a serious problem.

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