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Hello akazie, boy do I know how you fell, all too well but I can't move.
I guess I could but that would give them the signal that they have won.
I have neighbors that are very disrespectful to the whole neighborhood and especially me because I live right across from them.
I moved in a higher income area with a better school district thinking it was an improvement from where I CAME FROM, NOT SO!!
I have two young children and the neighbors across the street have two grown children, one who would ride his motorcycle up and down the street at all times, speeding and doing wheelies, I called the police to report it and ever since then it has been a living nightmare.
They also have a grown daughter, none of them work by the way except the man of the house and all are completely able to do so but they like to sue people and claim disability and live off of others.
Anyway, the daughter's boyfriend would park his truck in front of my mailbox and when that happens the mail will not be delivered.
Well one day it happened again and the mail man said, PARK IN FRONT OF THEIR BOX AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT, well I did. And of course that didn't go over too well because they miss the delivery of their welfare checks.
So, the daughter came out screaming all kinds of obscenities and spit in my face, well it was horrible, she went to kick me, I grabbed her leg and flipped her, she then called the cops, this all happened while my children watched, it was horrible.
The cops came and went, nothing happened because neither one of wanted to go to jail.
So, now this is what's going on.
They feed black birds, starlings, crackles tons of torn up bread by the buckets and throw it out on the front lawn. They do this about four or five times a day, they have nothing else to do.
So now everyones houses, cars, driveways, windows on houses, siding, you name it is covered in bird shit all day long. You can't park any where without getting showered with it.
The birds don't poop on their property because when the birds come they take the bread and fly away, in the opposite direction of their house of course.
So, they have found a legal way to make everyone, especially me angry all the time.
I have told my children I don't wan them out front anymore because I CAN'T STAND THE SITUATION!! I hate them so much, I have a real problem now because all I can think of is how I can do something to stop the madness.
I know I can't do anything so I know the best thing I can do is try to imagine they aren't there but that is impossible.
What would you do if you were me????

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