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Sometimes, i truely think i am a horrible person. I can kind of control my anger infront of people, but inside i can't control it.

I know alot of people don't like me, i have some habits that people start hating me for (I have OCD), but I feel so ANGRY at them for not liking me. They're not mean to me, but I know they talk behind my back, and avoid talking to me although when they do they are nice. But I get so angry I feel like hurting them (although i know when it comes down to it, i really couldnt), or feeling satisfation when something goes wrong or someone gets in trouble. I semi-manage this, i don't express it, but i REALLY need to get these thoughts out of my head because it makes me feel like a HORRIBLE person.

Also, I get angry at my partner for no reason. I get angry, I start a fight about something that he hasnt even done or something he didnt say, and fight with him, yell at him abuse him tell him its over etc. But most things I argue about don't exist. I think i'm just ANGRY inside and need to make things up to express it because I really don't know what im angry about. Its really putting a strain on my relationship, my BF is telling me i'm always angry at him and im always yelling at hm or fighting with him.

What can I do to stop myself starting these arguments over nothing, and what can I do to stop myself thinking these horrible angry thoughts? I really truely feel like a horrible person :(

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