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It seems that only since 1/2 years ago, I find that I am faced with this uncontrollable anger caused by nothing but heat.
It's strange...I'm normally a really easy going guy, I don't resort to violance and I can keep my calm with people without raising my voice, even when something is really annoying me, but I'm very good at holding in my anger and not showing it.
There have been many situations where I have been feeling very angry about something, but can appear completely ":)" about it, or not concerned.

However, the thing that concerns me is that I get very angry and irritated if I feel too warm or too hot. So this is when it's a sunny day, or even if a window is closed I rush to the window furiously moaning something like "OH WELL THAT WOULD JUST ******* BE IT!!! IT'S JUST CLOSED FOR NO ******* REASON!!",
and I just find that I have no control over this strong emotion that overwhelms me, in such a strange circumstance.

Is this normal? Is it normal to become over the top angry in response to feeling too warm? Is it something I should consult my doctor about?
I know it's not something life-threatening, but it is something I'd like to understand more...

Please let me know what you think =)

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