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My Poor Spouse
Jul 24, 2008
[FONT="Century Gothic"]I am 30 years old. I came from a broken family, and my father had extreme anger issues stemming from what I though was sexual abuse and dyslexia issues. I now wonder if Anger problems are hereditary because I have not been able to keep a relationship due to my outbursts.

My husband is WONDERFUL however, he is the only person who has to deal with my emotional issues. Since I am unable, (or do not want to) express my sadness or show that I am naive, I tend to just EXPLODE!


But... the biggest thing is the verbal abuse. In no way does he deserve the way I treat him. Granted, this isn't an every day thing, but I do know I have more bad days then good days and he will only take SO much before he says forget it.

He is the only one who receives this type of anger from me. I don't show this side to anyone else. WHY? I don't get it... I love him, I would hate it if he left me.

Obviously I need to talk with a therapist about this.... And I just started Wellbutrin XL, I hope that helps. I have a lot of bouts with depression and anxiety. I just thought I would write a little, reading these posts really puts things into perspective for me. And if anyone has suggestions, I am open!!! Thanks![/FONT]

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