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Hi all

I am new to Anger Management, as I belived I do get Angry very easily even at small things, sometimes even at myself for something. In School I was very Violent toward bullies and recently after leaving the Jehovah's witness cult after a shock and listening to their lies, last year I had the urge to use violence on the witness that bothers me next but luckly I none came until I was really settled. At work I am very short fused and do go like Gordon Ramsay(shouting, swearing and having ago). Even my head chef probley put up with me, I got sacked in 07 for being twice as angry to someone who spoke polish, I said in angry way speak english, lost my job for that. I did just come out of an operation on the brain tumour I had removed on 7/12/06. I have been known to take my temper out on things I got angry with dishwasher at work falling apart and really kicked the circuit board back in and dented the outside.

Last time I used violence was at school I nearly did used violence on an old work collegaue for calling me a name that hurt me and nearly hit him in the kitchen was split up by my boss.

Like the Benefits office when I had no money coming through when I was out of work and I was living on nothing or very little, I was very angry with them.
I do can be very Harsh with something or someone with my actions, like being judgmental on someone


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