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Hello all. This being my first time on the site, Like to say a hello. Im Scott, Im in my early 20's and am feeling a complete mix of emotions. I Can be all of the above for most of any given day but can express myself fine, but sometimes it just boiles over and I start snapping (mostly at my girlfriend, who I live with along with our 5 month old little girl). I don't mean to, but I'm really worried because I dont know how much longer she'll put up with it. I wake up in the morning for work (after a decent 8 hours or so kip) and feel terrible (no energy, eyes hurt, dreading the day ahead of me), when i'm at work, much the same but I enjoy my job enough for it not to be my job getting me down. When I get in, i am miserable, short, sharp, angry, aggitated.

I havn't had the easiest of growing up's, been much on my own since age of sixteen and have had to grow up quite fast but dont see how that could be result of all my emotions. I Love my little family and just dont want my partner to think it is her im angry at. Our daughter is the most amazing thing that could ever of happened to me and was kind of hoping that when she was born it would of sorted me out abit. But all it has done is put strain on my relationship (because I feel much the same as before, no energy to do anything, meaning that my girlfriend ends up doing most things). Really worried, dont know what to do with myself. Any suggestions on what to do? Who to speak to? what to try?

Would be much appreciated.

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