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As far as kindergarten I can remember my dad being a complete out of control drunk. He was a functional alcoholic. He worked at an extremely hard job for many hours. Afterwards, he and his crew would get drunk. Then he would come home and create hell with my mother and me. He beat my mother up almost every weekend. He beat me several times as a child. He had this uncontrollable rage inside of him. He would smother me with a pillow as a child. I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I vowed I wouldnt grow up to be a drunk like dad. And here I am going to A.A. for support. I havent drank for 14 years and I am 61 yrs old. I cant have one drink because then I want to drink ad infinitum. Now, I know there are programs for people who have close friends and family members who are alcoholics.

Those programs are there for anyone that needs them.

In sobriety,


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