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lets start by say i do love my wife very much we have been married for 12 yrs she was 16 and i was 22 yrs old when we got she had already lost her mom to death before we were married and lost her dad and brother a few years later. we have 2 great kids one 12 and the other wife has dealt with alot in her life she had gain alot weight and got on drugs we lost everything we had owned because of the drugs. she has now lost 150 pounds looks great and is going to college to a masters degree. she is a very strong person.she has warned me before if i didnt change i would reget what happens well im regetting it now she is leaving because i blow up over little stupid things i acuse her of things without knowing truth i threaten with taking the kids. i have cursed at her called fat lazy slop in the past i have slapped her grapped her will hard and she has never deserved the things i have done to her my father was verbally abusive to his kids and my mom and i hate him because of the way i am and now i want to be fixed cause i want my wife back and i dont want my son to grow up and be like me.i have had thoughts of suicide. i am lazy myself now dont want to do anything i hate myself my wife said a couple of days ago that i would have to change for to stay inour relationship now she says she has not loved me in a long time i dont beleave that. i am open to do anything to be the husband she deserves therapy, medication, surgery. please help me with my problem

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