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My 5 year old is very unpredictable & has fits out of nowhere. He was once thought to have asberger autism but that has been dismissed. Yesterday was his 5th b-day & he hasn't acted this bad since over a yr ago, but for some reason he was being cranky all day. He screamed so loud @ daycare, we could hear him out in the car. I told him that if he didn't straighten up then he wasn't going to have a b-day party. Well we did have his party, although he didn't deserve it at all. When it was time to go to bed, I told him 2 take off his spider man outfit to go potty before bed & he wouldn't so I took it off & then he started screaming so loud im sure the neighborhood heard it. I cupped his mouth & after that he still would not screaming. So I spanked him on the butt. He screamed louder & I told him that if he screamed again that I was going to get the paddle, & he didn't stop, so I ended up getting so angry that I popped him w/the paddle over 10 times & left red marks on his bottom & the side of his legs. After I went out of his bedroom, he tore stuff off the walls, threw his books & movies @ the door & I popped him again. After 45 minutes of this, he finally went 2 sleep & I went into the living room & started bawling my eyes out. I get to that point where he pushes my buttons so bad that I feel like i've lost all control. I have only lost control w/him 3 times & this one was bad.

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