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When I'm Angry
Jun 9, 2009
When I get angry (at myself), I tend to physically hurt my body. Yesterday, I used a stapler and punctured a vein in my arm. Blood spurt out, but I was able to stop the bleeding and now it's OK...

My girlfriend wasn't too happy about that. And, I need to stop before I go harder on myself. I have a huge urge to cause pain when I'm angry. I'm not sure why, but it's not healthy. A friend of mine read me a quote (from a psychology novel) about control, and how self inflicting pain reflects on an "obsession" to control. But, when I hurt myself... It has nothing to do with control. I feel like I need to make myself bleed to relieve my anger.

I am currently taking medication for anxiety and depression (Zoloft). It's not a side effect since I've been having these urges before I started taking them. I haven't told my psychiatrist about this incident since I haven't seen her since yesterday, and I'm not sure if I want to. We have a confidentiality agreement but in this case, I think it may be broken to inform my parents (I am not at the age of consent). Due to other personal reasons, I don't want my parents to be involved. My mother has enough to deal with, as it is.

What should I do?

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