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The majority of men I know do not get angry like that. My husband has anger issues and used to go beserk over small things.. like the slow internet.. He's murdered puters, pulled electricity lines out, punched walls, thrown tools and pretty much destroyed a lot of projects he'd be working on. We've been together 15 years. I pretty much hid for the first 5 years I was with him. I had been physically abused before and so I was always careful to protect myself in the event he'd cross over the line. However, I began "walking on eggshells" and even developed a drinking problem around his issues. So I decided enough was enough. He always told me that he would never hurt me but I had to convince him that scaring the daylights out of me was hurting me and I didn't want to live that way. I won't bore you with the process but now some 10 years later he has learned to manage his anger. I can still see the crazy look in his eyes but now he just powers through his frustration. Our life is so much more harmonic and I love and respect him more for not acting out in a way that upset me and scared me to the bone.
ps. my husband wanted to find a county sponsored class in anger management but isn't it stupid that you can't get into a class and get the help you need until you've hurt someone?
[i]"When i ask him about it he says that ever guy gets "frustrated" and punches walls and things."[/i]

This is not normal behaviour and he will only change if HE wants to.

[i]"My mum tells me i try to hard to pacify him and make him feel ok."[/i]

You are young do you really want to walk around on egg shells with a person who is might to love you?

My Husband has an anger problem and blows up, it really makes me anxious, scared and makes me want to run away. No wonder why I suffer from anxiety, I am extremely unhappy in my marriage because he doesn't think he has a problem, won't do counselling (he says he has always been like this, you will probably soon hear that from your boyfriend as well). And too think that the way these type of men act are traits of abusers. Listen to your intuition because it is telling you something, life is too short to be unhappy.

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