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I have been with my boyfriend for nearly two years now and things are going great. recently we moved in together for a while while his parents where away for 4 months (im 22, he's 21). Ive always noticed he gets irritated easily but while we where living together i was there when he got angry. I was down stairs and he was up stairs on the computer, the internet was running slow. I heard him start swearing and some banging so i went up to see what was wrong. He looked pissed off and angry but i remembered what he'd told me on a previous ocassion that when he gets "frusterated" as he calls it that i should go to him and let him know i love him. so i went up the stairs even with him yelling for me to leave him alone. i asked him what was wrong and he said the internet was running slow then started swearing at the modem and hittinng it against the wall. Not content with that he ripped it from the wall and smashed it to the floor, repetedly. Before sitting on his chair in a huff. i went to comfprt him and he promptly burst into tears and started saying he was sorry. I know he loves me but i wonder weather if i'd been in the way if he would have hurt me by mistake? This isnt the only time he's been 'frusterated' but its the biggest outburst ive seen from him. His father left when he was born and his mum has been with this guy ever since. from what he's told me the guy used to beat his mum when he got angry and used to hurt my partner on occassion to. i think his is a learnt behaviour and he doesnt really know any other way to express his anger. When i ask him about it he says that ever guy gets "frusterated" and punches walls and things. But i worry that it wont get any better. My mum tells me i try to hard to pasify him and make him feel ok. I dont know, does anyone have similar stories? or know of a way i can help him to express his anger in a better way? thanks

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