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i have tried to search and was surprised that i couldn't really find any comprehensive threads about effective meds- so i figured i'd sign up and start one; as i'm sure a cross-section of input would be useful to others besides me.

so, if you had serious anger and rage issues and some meds helped... please chime in. please add any notable side effects as well.

in case anyone is interested as to why i started this thread:

my issue is that i have seriously out of control rage. the kind of rage that has made my house a house full of walls with holes in it, tv's with holes in them, laptops, monitors, keyboards, bookcases, desks, chairs, glasses (i no longer have ANY glasses- 100's thrown against the wall), guitars all broken to pieces. no... i don't have money to keep replacing these things- i just have zero control. there is so much broken glass (i quit picking it up about a year ago) everywhere that if anyone were to come in here, the place would be condemned and i'd be carried off to a padded room. i'm not exaggerating. in fact, i'm understating by leaving a lot if details off. the complete financial destruction my rage has caused dwarfs the $20-30,000 (whatever- who knows) of actual 'things' i've destroyed. i never used to be like this. i'm depressed, frustrated beyond belief and, well, insane. not suicidal- only because i fear death.

went to a couple of pyschs- horrible experiences and a waste of time.

so, i'm going to try the medicated route and i'm looking for some real world input beyond all the stuff i've read on the internet.


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