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First of all, you sound like a really nice person, who just had Had it, the day of the incident. I think everyone can understand when we have simply had enough, and we blow up. Whatever the circumstances were, you did react in a negative way, even if you were right in theory. Those kind of things don't work well in the workplace. Hopefully, a mutual apology will get things right back to normal.

3-4 outbursts in 6-8 months pencils out to an average of 1 every 8 weeks. That seems like an acceptable amount if all the others were way less severe than this one. If more of the outbursts included yelling at bosses, family, friends or even strangers, that would be too much.

I would look into starting with doing some research of anger, and reading some good articles about it, and see if there are anything you can relate with. It is never a negative thing to observe yourself, then to fix anything you didn't like, that is quite a healthy response.

You could easily find some information that you could put to use that works for you. May behaviors can be worked out ourselves, just by focusing on them, and learning the triggers.

It's great that you are recognizing it early (if it really turns out to be anger), rather than letting it run your life, which happens so easily. I wish you the best!~

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