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My daughter =(
Oct 26, 2010
I have a 15 year old daughter who has high functioning asperger's syndrome, the thing we have the most issues with is her anger, she seems to store it and just explode. It's fine at home, we know her and can read her and know how to defuse the situation or deal with it when it does happen. It's when she's at school that it becomes a huge issue. We've been up to the school on hundred's of occasions over the years, they know her condition and have doctor's letters and all other information and yet she still ends up getting suspended for her behaviour. She just came off a 2 week one and apparently the next step is being expelled from the school, which worries me so much. She is a great person, she's very unique and has so many wonderful qualities, I just wish they would lay off her a little bit, the last explosion was caused by a teacher telling her she was useless. Even though we put in a formal complaint and reported it to the education department, we still had her home for 2 weeks and now we're stuck. She attends anger management every week, but doesn't get much from it, funnily enough it is my new partner (was with ex husband, my children's father for 16 years, and now in a 3 year relationship with a new man) anyhow it is him who is the one who is so good with her, I watch him, and he seems to calm her and explain things to her that makes her calm down, he's really amazing, even the principal at the school said that she wished he was a teacher at her school because he deals with kids so well. I'm very lucky to have him and he's helped her a lot at home and her explosions here are pretty well non existent now because of him, but he can't go to school with her, and it's there that she has her blow-ups now. I'm so worried about her future and she keeps asking if she can get a job, but I can't risk her being this way and having a job. Has anyone got any ideas how we can deal with her anger issues when she's away from us? We've hit a brick wall with this one :(

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