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Me and husband have been together 3 and half years. I am 30 and he is 36. We both are educated people, who have good jobs/ house/ pets and yard..ya know.. We don't have any kids and were trying to get pregnant. I found out two weeks ago that I was pregnant.
My husband always had anger issues, mostly getting angry for small things and yelling.WE have had our ups and downs but mostly we have a good relationship.
Few months ago when my husband was mad he broke a lamp, which he had never done before.
Last night we had an argument,he took a painting that I really like off the wall and started banging in to the wall, the painting got torn. Then he got a pic frame and threw that on the floor. Then he goes in the bedroom and takes a big jar of candle and threw it across the hallway, which broke and made a big hole in the wall. And he broke a little plant too. All these in matter of one minute.
I am scared, what if my dog was walking in the hallway and got hit by the candle, ya know those big jars are heavy sometimes..what if we had kids and our kids were walking by..
I don't know if having this baby is the best idea, even though I want this baby more than anything in the world. I've waited all my life to have a baby, wanted to make sure it was the right time with the right I want to raise a baby in an environment where candle jars are thrown across the hallway...

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