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Your husband reminds me alot of my father. Everything I did always seemed to be a problem for him. Nothing was ever good enough. I was not allowed to make my own decisions from things such as which high school i wanted to go to, what sports or activities I could join. I was forced to play things I didn't enjoy. I was a 94% ave. student, & he would wanna know what I was doing wrong that I kept losing 6%. He was horrible to my mother also. His perfectionistic & controlling ways no doubt made mine & my mother's life a living hell.
The funny thing is, on the outside, he was the sweetest/nicest guy you could ever meet. Everybody LOVED him & couldn't understand why I hated him so much. I could never understand how he could treat outsiders so well, and his own family so badly. like you, I would retreat to my own bedroom & enjoyed being alone as well.

All I can say is that I dont think you have an anger management problem. I think it very well may be depression, the symptoms definitely seem to fit. I myself & no longer living in that hellhole & have a great husband & 2 kids, but still suffer from anxiety/panic attacks which have recently led to depression. It's hard to feel motivated to do anything when you are in such a negative, resentful state of mind. The best thing you can do, is to find natural ways to help yourself if you are against meds. I never liked meds either, so I can relate. Make sure you take a good multi-vitamin, especially B complex & Vitamin D, because they help combat depression symptoms. Get some sunlight everyday, take a nice long walk with your dogs, get some exercise (even though its the last thing you feel like doing), drink lots of water, try to eat healthy, & avoid alcohol & smoking. Read some self-help books. Get a hobby that you enjoy & don't let him talk you out of it. Try to do something you enjoy everyday, even if it's just taking a nice hot bath with candles, reading a book, listening to music, or watching a funny movie. Another thing that helped me was journaling. It allowed me to keep track of my moods & vent & eventually gain some perspective. You have to make yourself a priority, because if you don't know one else will. Don't allow him to make you feel worthless. You deserve more out of life. Don't depend on him to be happy, find your own happiness. Hope you feel better :)

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