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I hear you and understand. From the outside I would say that you're depressed and angry because of the situation you're in. I recognize it because I'm going through something similar.

I have lost myself and become angry at my pretty-much at this point "ex". I feel that the anger is warranted, but in the end it's only hurting myself. I have had to step away from the relationship, but am sad (likely depressed) and angry. I think it would be beneficial to talk with someone, professionally, but I am lacking health insurance.

My ex has at least, had a brilliant moment of thoughtfulness and paid for a membership to a gym. It's only been a few weeks, but I am practicing yoga again, and with every ounce of will I possess, I get up, go to work and am now working-out. Although it's difficult willing myself to work-out, I do feel better afterwords.

Aside from the abusive relationship (and if I may be so bold, I recognize one in your relationship, at least from what you describe), I suffer from a serious spinal injury, leaving me in constant pain. When needed, I take pain meds and a muscle relaxer. I resisted medication for years, but finally succumbed. I am wary of depending on them but feel they help for the moment.

Am trying to stay busy, beginning to get fit again--and although I wish to stay in my pj's I make myself go out and meet people. It keeps me sane. And I am slowly attempting to alter the relationship--still haven't cut it out of my life, but changes have been made. As a yogi aspirant, I have to remember to breathe, and that I want to get better, I want things to change and tell myself I'm worthy of goodness. And also to be the change I want to see...I'm sorry you're in pain and angry. You're not alone. I wish you health and positivity and wish for you to remember that you deserve to be treated well.

I would recommend, in my completely non-medical way, to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible, be around positive people, try and eat healthy, get good sleep, drink water and have a space that is only for you to retreat to...Best of luck--be strong and calm. And breathe deeply. Often.

Peace in Every Breath

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