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I hope for your sake and his that his not physical. If he is........leave. No one knows why he is that way but lets not forget that it takes men longer to mature than women and he sounds like he has yet to mature or he just has anger issues. This doesn't sound too out of the ordinary as far as relationships go. Hell, I've been in mine for 14yrs and I don't think a day has gone by with peace. I would die before I would lay my hands on a woman but it has taken me many years to walk away.

Good luck, and in my opinion, it's not a healthy relationship. Find out if he treats his mother that way. I have learned to do that (treat every lady like it was my mother) and if he is kind to his mother ask him how he would feel if he lived in a home where the person involved with his mother spoke to her the way he does to you. Ask him how he would feel and what he would do to stop it.

Don't be surprised by your answer though.

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