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I am 19 and have always had a bit more anger than most people but its never really been a problem apart from with my parents when I was younger. It has become uncontrollable in the past few months, and is causing so many problems with my boyfriend. I will flip at him and he will obviously fight back but as soon as he starts shouting its kinda like I dont know why. It escalates more and more then I get very frustrated and want to bite things usually i go for my finger, I want to throw things but i never throw anything that can break or is not mine. I feel out of control and I cant feel anything no pain nothing. I scream with frustration wanting to rive my hair out. He trys to leave but then I start to panic and get hysterical. Most of the time I end up falling in to his arms crying as if I just been released, like im back to myslef but I feel distraught at what had happened. Its unbelievable how frustrated I get, I just want to fight. When this isnt happening we have a perfect relationship. I remember when i was younger I was taken to see someone about my anger but i dont really remember it much and i dont think it was for very long. I am fit and healthy. My boyfriend thinks it always happens at the end of the month, it has recently but im not sure its allways been that way. I dont understand how I can fix this. I dont necessarily beleive in therapy and I dont like taking medication, I spend a lot of time working on my body and dont want to consume anything like that.

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