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I know how u feel, For some reason over the last year or so ive got very angry, I dont know why. I hate this one guy at work as hes always chuntering under his breath and moaning about everyone elses work when i dont think he does much himself so that makes me mad even more, im close to busting his face in but dont as i dont wanna lose my job...

I also get angry at home by anything, my dog even makes me mad, her moaning and crying when she wants to go out makes me shout at her and i feel cruel and mean for doing that. Ill sometimes give her a hug cause i feel so mean.

Im a big strong guy and im scared one day ill just see red and really hurt someone as im certainly capable of such things.(although i hate fighting and stuff) I sometimes want to stab someone to death cause i get so mad...i obviously wouldnt as im not a killer but the anger i feel makes me see it happening....

When i want to calm down i walk away and go somewhere where i can be alone like the toilet. But im not sure about other outlets...i wish i had some....I have thought about going to therapy but some would attempt to trigger the anger to find out what sets me off....the sound of the dog drinking water makes me mad! how sad is that!

Ive been depressed before and had meds for it and it didnt feel like this.

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