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Re: Always mad
May 27, 2011
My dear you said some key things that only us women, mothers will pick up on and it is good you shared them. We ladies can talk about hormones with each other. You just had a baby. You mentioned your moods changed with and around your baby. Hormones greatly affect our thinking. Your young body is being hormonally slung around right now. I hate antidepressants and actually disagree with there use too. You still may need help. There very are mild bi-polar medications like the one I take for epilepsy/migraines. You might have to search this site and look up some things and accept a small amount of medication if you don't get to feeling better. They all have side effects, true. My hormones are so badly out of wack, they give me seizures so don't think hormones can be ignored. They can not. My daughter knows Mom takes medicine so she can drive a car. Your child will feel no shame if you take meds to help control what your hormones do to you. And chances are, you will get pass this. Remember if you can, calm....I really do know it is hard. Good luck to you and your baby. And from one country girl to another, do your research BEFORE you go to your local doctor, stand firm on your beliefs and don't let those local yocal clinic doctors force you on a bunch of crud or into stuff that makes you uncomfortable. It will be alright.

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