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Re: Always mad
Apr 26, 2011
[QUOTE=smalltowngirl20;4733163]i live in a small town and dont have a physcyatrist or theripsts here we only have three docters...

i gave birth about two months ago and even before then i found myself exploding over the littlest things... my bf plays an online game and i see him add ppl he doesnt know like just character names to his friends list and im instently angry and cant even look at him ...even the most little things casue me to have a complete meltdown ...can someone out there give me some adivse becasue i cant afford to travel for therpy and i dont want to be put on meds beacsue i dont want my daughter to have to see me take them just so im not angry and think thats okay[/QUOTE]

I heard that mother who has new born baby in 2 months gets depression badly and if it goes too far, you may need medical help or medication. I think you can ask the doctor for help. They don't have to be psychiatrist to know this. Probably you had depression before and at this time you got worse because of the birth. Sometimes maybe you are depressed. Your bf may need to realize that you need his support instead of playing his own game...

For me, I find that if I read the bible like Psalm 23 or other pieces, it helps me to calm down. But I am a believer... God helps us deal with our enemies and rivals... Sometimes you may need to release some anger to the right place.
Anyway, I think you probably have depression.

Take care,

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