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Anger problems
Jun 30, 2011
hello im new to this and i have just recently turned 16, but for many years i would say my temper has been terrible and in the past year has grew even worse and it has now came to the point where i get angry over the slightest things and sometimes over nothing and when im in these tempers i do things which i am not proud of and always regret such as smashing everything up in my sight screaming pulling my hair and threatning everyone and sometimes even being violent towards others and even though i do regret what i do i cant seem to help myself from this im worrying that if my temper doesnt cool down i will end up going over board.. i know this is definitley not normal does anybody know if there is anything that could help me are if there would be anything wrong with me as i am very sick of being like this i just cant seem to help it, thank you.

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