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Anger and Custody
Sep 13, 2011
I need a little advice. I am going through custody case that has been going on for more than a year. My ex husband is always deployed, traveling or with his mom and son in a different state and is never around to help me out with our daughter. The problem is not who actually has custody but if I will be allowed to move out of the state. He feels I should not move out of the state back home because he has a son that his mother takes care of now and he will not time to visit both children out of state. He also feels that the situation will be complex if I move.

Now at our last hearing ex told the judge he will not be going away any time soon. So the judge decided to side with him so he can have more time and reevaluate the situation and give custody to him temporary for a year to see if he can handle the responsibility and we could not communicate effectively. A month after that ex deployed 2x over a 8 month period. Before he left he decided he wanted to change the court order back to the original order of me having primary custody. But I would like to move close to my family.

I was in the Army as welll. That's why I am in a different state. I have spend so much money of attorney's fees because of this and the fact that the case keeps getting continued because his deployments keep getting extended. Ex says he wants his son from a previous relationship to have a relationship with our daughter but his son doesn't even live in the same state and ex's mother is taking care of his son. I am hoping to have my case heard again in front of a different judge and she sees that he is not helping me at all and allow me to move. He doesn't participate in any aspect of her upbringing. He moved a hour away. He doesn't take her tp the doctor, preschool swimming classes nothing. Topping it off I have a disability which prevents me from working and I have a older daughter in school that wants to be around her family as well. I feel it is not benefiting my daughter to stay here for him because he has been gone since her birth. Our family is missing out of her activities and her life since he feel he is missing out as well.

Can anyone give me advice on this situation? How can I keep from feeling extreme anger when I talk to him?

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