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Sleep deprivation is not good. I have been battling ADHD, depression, stress, anxiety, and VERY unstable moods for years. What I have come to realize is that I think 50% of my symptoms come from lack of sleep. I also have three young children - 6, 5, and 4 - so the noise that they make is not bothersome (most of the time), but they do make a TONNAGE of noise that just seems to grate on me like white noise (the static kind!) without me being really conscious of it. My doc has me on Effexor XR, gabapentin, and we just added seroquel to the mix and the seroquel knocks me out COLD!!!! I have taken ambien in the past and works like that on me without the "OMG I just went out cold" properties.

Can you have a chat with your landlord? There has to be some sort of rule against noise after a certain hour. Good luck!

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