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Hello, I am 36yrs old, female. I am looking for support and help because I have anger issues. Part of it is because I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but I am not on any medications at the time, and would like to be able to control my anger without meds before using them as the last resort. Anyway, I get easily irritated at the smallest things, and I let it become a big deal to me, getting angry at something that shouldn't be a big deal. This is getting in the way of my relationship with my boyfriend. Because I end up saying hurtful things to him, and I have been physical with him too, ONCE. :( When I am angry, I do not know how to stop, and I just keep pushing the subject, and get angrier and out of control, sometimes to the point of wanting to throw things. Also, things that I've read are not to be discussed. So, moving on, tonight I felt really crazy and my mind was racing, and I just felt totally out of control and helpless. So, I need to know how to get the help that I need. I contacted a counselor once, and she told me that she would not help me until I was on medication, of course she wasn't the one prescribing. I am trying to find some cheap anger management, because right now I can not afford much, I don't even have insurance for psychiatric help. Well, thank you so much. I have already been reading the other posts, and it's helping me just to read that I am not alone.

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