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You know what you've got to do -- get that anger response out of you. Completely. The question is how.

Are there any anger management groups around?

Remember this: Between a stimulus and a response, there is a space. In this space lies your freedom to choose from your true will (instead of from the anger impulse).

When the response comes almost immediately following the stimulus, that space is very small. But the space is still there. Come to know this space. Before you respond, pause and stay in this space. Then CHOOSE your response.

CHOOSE your response, according to the direction of your TRUE WILL. Your TRUE WILL is associated with your rational and conscientious mind. Gradually work within your mind to respond from your TRUE WILL, instead of from the anger impulse. And you can overcome this anger and find the peaceful and true you.
I think I know this space... It is when you take a deep breath before speaking.... I wish I had the ability to pause. I always jump first. Thank you for your advice to Mrs. Angry, it made me think about it and now I will try what you said. I have years of anger and I want it gone in seconds.. I know it won't work this way but I could wish... Please take a look at my post and tell me how I can cope, if you even think I have a chance...
I think you should go for professional help. Professional psychologist can tell you about certain anger management techniques which would help you a lot. Start thinking that no matter how long this anger is with you still you have the ability and strength to control it. Give yourself time to control it. You can give yourself a target that ok today i will have no more than 2 arguments. you can slowly cut down your number of arguments. May be it help you to make your situation better. Take care
Hello MA,

This may seem like a insensitive question but just humor me for a moment: do you love your child?

Now remember;bear with me for a few more moments........I already know the answer to the question;its rhetorical......of course you do.

So why did I ask,you may say?

Because in that little space of time that I had your attention,the decision to act out anger can be significantly lessened and in some instances,eliminated.

There seem to be deep anger issues which therapy may be able to help but realize that we can't do it for you;you've got to make the decision.

For you;your child,mother and grandma will benefit from a positive decision on your behalf.

Just think about it,please.


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