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Please help some one.

Im 16 years old, my names Jake, I grew up abused and bullied until I turned 12 and moved in with my dad. The abuse from my moms boy friend has made a huge impact on my life still to this date. Ive been through so much in my life for my age and I had many suicidal thoughts at that age. Everything has been great for years since living with my dad but somthing is making me very angry and depressed.

I have a girl friend, I play sports, I have loving family, and I also do well in school. But ever since a couple weeks ago I have been slipping in and out of depressive and angry states. Ive always had a bit of a temper but now its to the point where im crying because I dont want to be angry any more. everyday now pretty much I feel so depressed. I feel as if I am alone in the world and have to go through everything by myself, I also feel as if nothing will ever get better. On top of that I have my angry states at the same time where I get so angry so quickly over the dumbest things. I have been treating my girl friend very poorly lately because of these states and I really dont want to loose her :(. My family has been getting angry with me to because of it and I dont know what to do.

Some body please help me :( :'(

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