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He does pay the Cable bill, and buys groceries most of the time, since I am in debt up to my eyeballs because of my negligent roommates; and he is slowly starting to help around the house... I think its funny. LOL.. and he has been dealing with my anger issues for months... Really ever since the one roommate left back in March he has been dealing with me getting angry at the flip of a dime... My family has told me that they consider me an "angry person" and that I have always been the first one to blow up. I have been through anger management twice, also rehabs for anger issues and they seem to be a temporary fix since I easily let stress build into anger, which gets the best of me. I am trying to let go and just relax but it's really hard when my name is on the line..

My lease is not up until November... I want to tell the Landlord about the damages to the house, but I dont want to throw my roommate under the bus considering her mother is my Manager at work, and that would create a lot of added tension...I am currently looking for a different job but I really enjoy my job, its just a real sucky situation on my part which makes me mad, angry, and confused... :(:confused:

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