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My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months now. He recently moved in with me due to problems at home. I had liked him for years before we finally started dating and I couldn't be happier with him.

At my house before he moved in I lived with two other girls, one was my best friend the other was a girl that I barley knew. The girl I barley knew decided she was going to move out not even half way through the lease leaving me and my bestie to try and salvage our way through since she had furnished the whole house except our bedrooms. my best friend and I little by little accumulated more furniture for our home and with the help of our neighbors we got all the basics. Things were really starting to look up after this. Then the girl that left's boyfriend decided to trash our house while drunk leaving us with $500.00 worth of damage that we can't pay for. I said I wasn't going to pay for the damages since it was her stupid boyfriend that ruined the house.
**Side note, this girl's mother is my Manager at work... So this can really put tension on me all day when we are arguing.**
So.... 3 months later the damage is still not fixed and the boyfriend has shown no intention at all to fix it... Of course I am mad because I don't want to go down for it.

Then our Landlord decides she wants rent in one check, so I open an account at my Bank for us 3 girls My best friend still pays rent though she isn't living there because she signed a yr lease term) to deposit our rent into so I can write one check. Well, first of all both girls are ALWAYS LATE ON RENT and then one was just going to stop paying it... Though she told me she was still depositing the money... Upon her good faith I had been writing checks to the Landlord... come to find out she hadn't deposited the money and now I am $800 in the hole still climbing out AND NO ONE CARES, EXCEPT MY BOYFRIEND AND IT SUCKS!!!! Also all of the bills for the house are in my name and my roommate is LATE ON EVERY SINGLE BILL, EVERY SINGLE MONTH... Making me look bad...Also, sheNEVER helps me buy groceries yet supports her loser jobless boyfriend all the time... I have reached my breaking point with everything in my life and my boyfriend has to deal with it every day...

He has told me he is going to leave me if I cant get my anger under control because I do, I will admit, take a lot of things out on him... however, I do "mom duties" (laundry, dishes, cook dinner sometimes, help him with bills, etc..) thinking that this is enough (but he has pointed out though he appreciates that, he would rather me do none of that for him because that doesn't make him happy with our relationship...) THIS MAKES ME FEEL UNAPPRECIATED, but I never considered how I emotionally make him feel. I don't want to loose him but I get so stressed about my living situation it makes it hard not to snap... The smallest joke can set me off... Make me angry and make me pout or cry for hours, sometimes days! Please help me... I don't want to loose the love of my life over my stupidity...

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