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He does pay the Cable bill, and buys groceries most of the time, since I am in debt up to my eyeballs because of my negligent roommates; and he is slowly starting to help around the house... I think its funny. LOL.. and he has been dealing with my anger issues for months... Really ever since the one roommate left back in March he has been dealing with me getting angry at the flip of a dime... My family has told me that they consider me an "angry person" and that I have always been the first one to blow up. I have been through anger management twice, also rehabs for anger issues and they seem to be a temporary fix since I easily let stress build into anger, which gets the best of me. I am trying to let go and just relax but it's really hard when my name is on the line..

My lease is not up until November... I want to tell the Landlord about the damages to the house, but I dont want to throw my roommate under the bus considering her mother is my Manager at work, and that would create a lot of added tension...I am currently looking for a different job but I really enjoy my job, its just a real sucky situation on my part which makes me mad, angry, and confused... :(:confused:
Well her boyfriend that did the damage needs charges pressed, since he has had ample time and made no attempts to make it right. He has admitted it to you and two other people. file a small claims suit as soon as possible to put the $$$t on him or you girls will be held accountable.
As a man a real man he should get a job and step up to the plate with the landlord, admit it and work out a payment arrangement with her for her damaged property, or fry him in court is all I have to help, I know it won't help your friendship but real friends don't let their boyfriends make you pay for their mistakes period!! or she is just to the point of using you to for her worthless boyfriends gain and her own. Maybe you should start looking for another job, I know easier said than done but I would drop the legal system on him in a heart beat. Thieves and losers have no sympathy in my book, as I had many friends HA HA I went to school with and grew up together, That ripped me and my business off left and right they were really never friends and now ARE NOT!!! you will come to find many years from now that you will probably only have a couple REAL FRIENDS in a lifetime
I wish you the best with these people and it is terrible to loose a friend over their own selfish thoughts, and MONEY issues is the #1 thing I found not to ever loan a friend any (donate a gift maybe) if you want to keep em a friend, sorry for putting it out there so hard to you but YOU are going to have to deal with this if he don't GOOD LUCK

As for the boyfriend part he may be the man you want to spend the rest of your life with so try not to take anything out on him. Take that negative energy and thoughts and help yourself and him. Try getting out of the lease because they are gonna make you look bad with late payments all the time, that was not your agreement with them to ruin your credit for their gain.
Do try to get your boyfriend and yourself a place and walk away from this mess as it is not gonna help your relationship, you will calm down a lil bit I hope if this stuff is dealt with properly.

work EVERYTHING out for you and him, the heck with bestie if she is puttin the crap on you, she is responsible for that damage for letting him in, as much as he is try to explain to her mother what they have done to you with it all, as an elder she should understand and not take it out on you, you just need to be calm and walk away if she goes off on you TAKE CARE AND LOOK OUT FOR YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND HUGS YOU'LL GET THROUGH IT I KNOW YOU CAN

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