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Im 16 and Im angry most of the time. my father upset me,he doesnt understand that kids have problems too, he believes that because im a child I should be stress free. MY daddy believes EVERYHTHING he says is right and if it isnt, I shouldnt say anything because Im the "child"..he gets angry for every little thing, like if i sit on the leather sofa, he wants to hit someone or if i give my opinion on something. He barley lets me go out with friends. I hate the fact that my ex of 4 years and I are over and he's moved on, it upsets me to see him or his girlfriend. Im tired of school. Any little noise my little brothers make, I wanna choke them...same thing goes for my grandmother. If I cant have what I want, It ruins my whole day! Im ALWAYS angry!! I hurt my brothers sometimes, then afterwards i feel sorry. I always have an attitude now, I dont feel like me, whats wrong? :dizzy: :(

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