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Im 16 and Im angry most of the time. my father upset me,he doesnt understand that kids have problems too, he believes that because im a child I should be stress free. MY daddy believes EVERYHTHING he says is right and if it isnt, I shouldnt say anything because Im the "child"..he gets angry for every little thing, like if i sit on the leather sofa, he wants to hit someone or if i give my opinion on something. He barley lets me go out with friends. I hate the fact that my ex of 4 years and I are over and he's moved on, it upsets me to see him or his girlfriend. Im tired of school. Any little noise my little brothers make, I wanna choke them...same thing goes for my grandmother. If I cant have what I want, It ruins my whole day! Im ALWAYS angry!! I hurt my brothers sometimes, then afterwards i feel sorry. I always have an attitude now, I dont feel like me, whats wrong? :dizzy: :(
Your symptoms sound like depression. Many people with depression are more irritable and angry, annoyed at others, than feeling down in the dumps. I would talk with your Dr about it. You may need medication, but therapy may be very helpful since you have recently lost a relationship, and have issues with your father understanding you. Since he is angry much of the time, you are getting some unhealthy "modelling". It is possible he is depressed as well, as it tends to run in families. This can be treated, so don't give up on getting help for yourself.
Thank You, I will look into it
Hi, just to let you know who I am, I'm a mom, 56 yo, my son is now 27. I remember him going thru a time when he was angry a lot but I'm pretty sure it was because he was gay and hadn't come out yet, was at that awkward time also in school then having to deal with that.

Of course everything is fine now (just so you know :). ).

That breaking up with someone after 4 yrs at any age is very difficult. Do you have girlfriends you hang out with and/or talk to about it? My best friend who is single went with a guy for 8 yrs and I was her sounding board.

She went thru a couple of different phases with the breakup, she cried a lot at first, then she got really mad, but that anger was at him but sometimes it was taken out on others. Now she's ok I guess but still looking for that special guy.

We're you angry before the breakup? Just wondered. I like the idea of seeing/talking to someone. It sure cant hurt, right?

There are definitely some good meds out there for it so do give it a try and I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy yourself! Let us know how you do, ok? Cathy

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