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Hi Neural
I agree with Arggg - see a neurologist. Also, have you seen a psychiatrist? Not a counsellor or psychologist - big, big difference. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication, while the others can't. I have had a rage problem, nothing like yours, but bad enough to lose friends and family, for a little less than thirty years. I took a whole lot of psychology classes at the community college here, and learned about all the different things that can cause emotions like rage. First thing I'd do if you can is start LEARNING what could be causing it.

One of the many things I learned is that rage is a response to stress. Do you have any stressors in your life that you aren't immediately aware of, say a family situation that when you really think about it, it sets you off, but otherwise you keep suppressed? In my case, it was watching my family disintegrate from Alzheimer's and poverty. Though we tried making light of life on the surface, I was deeply hurt watching my little mother lose her mind, and my father with not enough money for a tank of gas. Like an animal caught in a trap, I lashed out at every perceived slight, and on several occasions actually broke things by throwing them against the wall.

But after they died, I was a lot calmer. There are new things now that infuriate me, like my husband's terminal cancer, but I wait a lot longer before blowing up than I used to.
So take a close, inner look at your life and try to find that thing that is destroying you.

In the short term, you won't believe this, but when you are just about to go off, count to ten. It really works, for short term problems, and gives you time to get out of the room.

Take care, dear.

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