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Hi all, i am desperately seeking some advice/help. I have been struggling with my moodiness, aggresiveness and irritability for many years and it really is taking its toll and affecting my relationships with family, friends and my boyfriend, all of whom i care very much about and it hurts me that i can be so short with them and can be so mean at times.

Small things irritate me and all the time, im always finding fault and tend to focus on the negative of certain situations instead of the positive. I wouldnt consider myself to be depressed though, as i dont have thoughts of hurting myself. But i on the other hand am not completely happy. Most of the time when im smiling and laughing, its not necessarily genuine.

When something bothers me i react very quickly almost too quickly where afterwards i look back and think - was that really necessary?, but its not controllable or atleast i feel that it isnt. I just snap! I have told myself over and over again, i will stop and im going to be more patient with people but then before i know it ive snapped again.

I cant keep at this for musch longer, its really affecting me, im starting to hurt and wonder why i am the way i am and why i cant just be naturally happy and content like those around me and show love and give comfort instead of anger. I hate it and i dont want my issues to cause permanent damage in my relationships with others or ruin them.

I have started yoga, i have recently started looking into meditation. But i would also like to know what is wrong with me? anyone else experiencing the same?

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