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Hi, i have an uncontrollable anger that is beginning to tear my family apart, my mother is on the verge of moving out because of it, every morning im a big trouble getting up for school, i get really angry to the point where i can't control it, it just happens, today i made my mother cry because she cant cope with this happening every morning, i hate this, but i cannot control it. Its making me hate my life because all i am doing is destroying my family. The thing is i am only ever REALLY angry at home, at school i can get agitated and sometimes have abit of back chat with teachers but nothing like at home, as well as i only ever get really angry with my mum or just randomly while playing games or if something just frustrates me. Then i start punching and breaking things to calm myself down.

But my question is, is this a puberty thing? I went through all that months ago so i think it would of gone by now. Or is this a problem like IED (Intermittent explosive disorder).

I just need someone to help me figure out what is making me like this so i can help improve it, i don't want my mum to leave and i don't want to keep breaking my family apart.

Thanks to any and all who help.

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