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... I have been married for 6 years and most of it has been bad. We get along right at the time of my period for a few days than the rest of the month I can't stand my husband and am always angry and mad at him. The smallest things he does I blow up, lose my temper, yell and scream, threaten divorce, etc..... ... (15 replies)
... Halls, of course this is a serious question! People get really irritated with people who don't stand up for themselves. I think that many Americans really admire independent and strong people and when a person leans on us too much by not being independent it irritates us. ... (15 replies)
... >> Chantell, Ha, hubby agreed to front some money to others worse off to join this suit. << Hey, that just may work:):) Chantel (12 replies)

... My sister is in charge of HR for a large-ish firm. When they found out an employee had a disabled child, they bought a special insurance policy for that family. That's how companies should treat their employees!!!! (12 replies)
Am i too angry?
Dec 18, 2004
... Have you read anything about hyperirritability and magnesium? (5 replies)
WHy am I angry?
May 28, 2004
... seek help before you actually do slap that baby. Your child did not ask to be born into this situation. You need to get help for yourself and for your child. I know you don't want your husband to pick that child up and walk out of your life for good. ... (22 replies)
... Believe me, your husband may well leave you if you continue to show your contempt for him in this manner. People think they can predict future behaviour from past behaviour, but one thing about humans is how unpredictable even the most predictable of us can be (if that makes sense!). It's amazing the amount of abuse some people will put up with but almost always there comes a... (15 replies)
... winded, so I apologize. I'll try to keep the reading clean. ... (11 replies)
... Wow. I typed into google "I am such a horrible person" because I feel that I too am such a horrible person so I really understand what you mean when you say you feel horrible. ... (10 replies)
... You're 18 years old and want everything your way right now. You will soon learn that's not possible, and that's not life. Everyone gets angry about something at one time or another; but you're really stressed and pressed! What's got an 18 year old with a good life ahead of him so angry? You're just starting out! You haven't yet encountered real serious problems that... (11 replies)
I need help!
Apr 23, 2004
... polar to be angry and hit on someone. I was raised with hitting and I did the same thing growing up. I would get VERY angry. To the point where I couldn't remember things sometimes..........which is very scary. Mind you, this was when I was younger. ... (7 replies)
... I myself am not an angry person. Even when certain events lead me to feeling rightfully angry I don't stay mad long. I don't like to be mad at people and I don't like people being mad at me. ... (0 replies)
Always Angry
Jun 5, 2011
... I really don't understand why I am always so angry. ... (0 replies)
... or replying to me, I have OCD and it causes me great problems its so hard to talk to God because of OCD but I know he listens to me and even answers me sometimes I just find life very stressful and I'm angry and im scared and im hurting and i cant seem to get over all of that. ... (9 replies)
WHy am I angry?
Mar 20, 2004
... Don't feel like you are in the boat alone, I used to get that anger adn annoyance feeling all the time, I had it extremely bad as a kid. I had a lot of stress an bad stuff in my life, and blew up all the time. ... (22 replies)
... You are right, there is actually an underlying cause that I left out, for other reasons, but for the science of the issue and the development of myself also, I will share it with you. ... (4 replies)
... In response to the Q re whether the hurtful things I say to my partner are a way of pushing her away cause I don't feel worthy or deserving of her love, yes. Definitely. I've known this for many years. ... (10 replies)
... Well, it's not so long ago that I was 14. Although I never had any real problems, perhaps I can relate a little bit. ... (11 replies)
... haneyc98, i feel your pain... but i am afraid you don't feel it yourself and maybe the anger is your quick "protection".. ... (17 replies)
... m Doing This To Try To Get Some Advice On What To Do About My Anger..........i've Only Been This Bad For About A Year And A Half....i Find Myself Getting Really Angry And Lashing Out At My Gf And Saying Mean Things And Threatening To Hurt Myself...... ... (2 replies)

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