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I'm Angry
Feb 15, 2007
... I'm angry at a mysterious witness that was never on the police report, surfacing to spread lies about the accident. ... (12 replies)
... parent, but I do have a three year old. I have been a stepchild, though. I can remember when I was five years old and my mom brought home this stranger for the first time, and I can remember when they told me they were going to marry. I was so upset. ... (25 replies)
Angry at an ex
Nov 19, 2005
... I can see things from a different perspective as I am a stepmum to my husbands 4 year old son. ... (29 replies)

... I am an extremerly angry person and have been for aslong as I can remember. ... (7 replies)
Angry at an ex
Jul 17, 2005
... I went through very similar circumstances with my ex 15 years ago. The feelings you describe were my feelings. ... (29 replies)
... The holidays are so stressful for me. I am pretty much ok the rest of the year with my inlaws mainly because I don't have to see them but the holidays totally stress me out. My mother in law is so critical of pretty much everyone. ... (5 replies)
Angry at my son
Jul 17, 2011
... Well first off Been there Am doing that....I have a 21yr old son and a 12 yr old son. My 21 yr. old is lazy as all get out, likes to be waited on, is a totally slob...unfortunately I take a good part of the blame for that... ... (4 replies)
... Your dad sounds like a hateful, miserable person. He is only cheating himself out of happiness... I know how you feel. Some members of my family, deceased now, were the same way. Imagine how they felt when I married a black man. ... (8 replies)
... I have two young children and one more on the way. I have in the past had problems with controlling my temper when it comes to my kids. I'm worried that my anger will go too far and something will happen that I will regret... ... (7 replies)
... I am a very angry person. It stems from all the abuse I endured as a child. But, that is long ago, I am 48 now and still very angry. ... (4 replies)
... up with a father that had a temper and we never knew what kind of a mood he would be in when he got home. He was verbally abusive, shouted and yelled when he got angry and I remember feeling apprehensive and nervous a lot of the time. ... (5 replies)
I Enjoy My Anger
Jul 31, 2006
... but this situation is going to end at some point, what do you plan to do with your anger then? ... (6 replies)
... on is gong to have more acting out while dealing with the separation. It's very hard for that young of a child to understand why these changes are taking place. At that age, consistency is so important to them. ... (12 replies)
... I am by far not a perfectionsist, however I see those tendancies in my son. He doesn't want to get his work wrong, he wants everything to be right, but he thinks he knows everything and tries to do it himself, although its wrong. ... (8 replies)
... Sounds like me when I was a child. I used to throw a fit any time I was the least bit mad, I kicked holes in the wall, I would yell at my mom in public. This continued well through elementary school. She never did anything harsh, I was never grounded. ... (3 replies)
... I have two young children and the neighbors across the street have two grown children, one who would ride his motorcycle up and down the street at all times, speeding and doing wheelies, I called the police to report it and ever since then it has been a living nightmare. ... (9 replies)
I Enjoy My Anger
Jul 29, 2006
... This is my first post. I have lurked on this board for quite a while and finally decided to speak up and put my own two cents in here. ... (6 replies)
... Im a single mom of a 7 and 5 yr old, and Im also pregnant. I am recently trying to reconcile with my x, who I was with for 8yrs. Just to explain why I feel so angry. He cheated, hit and literally demeaned me for years. ... (2 replies)
Aug 16, 2006
... Most days of the month I am ok although extremely short fused. During the week before my period I get scarily, uncontrolably angry and frustrated at every little thing. ... (5 replies)
... The sad part is the ten year old, I know you know this. I have young children also and I am doing whatever it takes to stop the swearing and yelling. I don't want them to grow up and abuse their children or spouses. ... (6 replies)

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