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... he will. He needs to go to Anger Management Classes. If he is unwilling to do this, I suggest that you make some choices that healthy for yourself. ... (11 replies)
... if yes, you should really maybe take a class on anger management issues. ... (2 replies)
... Anger Management/counseling is a good thing....admitting you have an issue is an important 1st step. Having been married to sometime with a horrific temper (the clue here is HAVING BEEN) is the scariest thing ever....if you truly love her, please please get some help; if you could do it alone, you wouldn't be posting here. By taking no action you are putting your girlfriend... (3 replies)

Need Advice !!!
Feb 20, 2008
... Sweety, my boyfriend and I both have anger mangement problems. And believe it or not, it is hereditary. I would never tell someone to block out the father, specailly with a child that young. ... (9 replies)
... I need some advice! How do I talk to him with out the major arguements! My Boyfriend of over a year, has a BAD BAD anger probably. He has gone to 2 anger management classes and they have not helped. ... (3 replies)
Deeper Issues?
Sep 23, 2008
... YIKES I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this woman has BPD, borderline personality a little research. I thought an old boyfriend had an anger management problem, and after some research, I discovered that anger wasn't his was just one symptom..... ... (3 replies)
... mom. I have to agree with you about disciple if it's done right. I guess when it comes to this I am lucky. I am living with my boyfriend ... ... (18 replies)
... sounds like a controlling issue they don't want you to do what they can do...jealousy isn't love by far. Guys like this have to have someone in there life to blame other than themselves cause they can't face truth about themselves so g/f and such get the blame you can't please these men no matter what you do they will find something to always complain about there never... (9 replies)
... Get out now! Don't wait for it to get worse before you do anything. That's exactly how my most recent relationship started out, and now I'm quite literally in a fight for my life. He started with screaming at me, calling me names, calling my 2 daughters (ages 11 yrs old and 3 yrs old) names, trying to break my 11 yr old daughter's back, trying to kill my 1 yr old puppy. ... (9 replies)
... You need to get out of this relationship. If you love him and want to give him a chance then compromise and move out get your own place and let him work out his issues and you can try to support him if he really seaks help. If HE really loves you back he will respect that and understand your concerns. If he doesnt thne thats your answer. This wont change unless he tries to... (9 replies)
... This sounds like my ex about to a tee. He was jelous. he didn't want me being around friends, male or female. I had always heard that people didn't change. I knew that when I married him. I was able to deal with it. I didn't realize that I couldn't deal with it for a lifetime. Eventually the fights escalated and he would raise his hand to me, or push me. Truth is,... (9 replies)
... Well hon sounds like he does have major issues.. Question is , Is this the way you want to live your life for the next 4 to 5 more years? Cause trust me relationships like this never last nor does the person ever change. You could stick it out and once the years has passed and you finally walk away .You will come to the sad relization that you wasted your life/yrs on... (9 replies)
... I have also heard this... but whenever I think maybe he is doing something, i am proven wrong, he is were he says he is and I deep down beleive him... he is also a musician and says "this is the way we are" he accuses me of wanting to hit him, mess up his things, calling and hanging up when he gives people his phone number while out at gigs and blames me, he says I am the only... (9 replies)
... I'm not sure what he needs, but I think you DON'T need him in your life....This will not get better, read any story from domestic violence survivors and you will see that a lot of them began just like this. Get him to get some therapy as a condition of you staying with him. (9 replies)
... Not trying to stir up trouble, but I've always heard and have seen that if someone is doing the accusing than more than likely they are the ones doing the deed.. Maybe you should question him and his reasoning for his actions.. If he is squeaky clean , he has some real insecurities that he needs to deal with before trying to maintain serious relationship. (9 replies)
I'm only 17
Aug 19, 2005
... I'm only 17. Me and my boyfriend are the same age but i am half year older than he is. Tonight he got so angry with me that he threw a book at me. ... (7 replies)
... I've put up with a lot of abuse and crap from people that I never should have. My son is having some severe Anger management problems, and I feel that I am starting to lash out too much myself because I'm so stressed out. I wish I could live the life that some families have. ... (17 replies)

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