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... RitaF, If you truly love your husband you'll get help. It's not called a phychward because you're crazy, that's an instition. It's called that because it deals with psychological issues. ... (53 replies)
... is that you can qualify for disability, but you have to have been diagnosed for 2 years first, you really need to go get help and start the healing process, your husband is your support, and believe me after he is gone it will be much harder to get better alone.... ... (53 replies)
... It sounds like you are trying to hypnotise her LOL. If you did read all of her posts you must know that she is beyond "going away to a destination in her mind". :eek: (53 replies)

... yours. Notice how you are aware of everything and yet nothing can bother you, far from it, everything feels beautiful including you. When you are ready let your husband see this part of you. ... (53 replies)
... Your husband WILL leave you. ... (53 replies)
... and no matter what my husband says, I become further angered by his response. I start screaming at him to control my temper but anything he does or says only makes me angrier. ... (53 replies)
... Just because your husband doesn't fight back doesn't mean this isn't effecting him deeply. This situation must be causing a lot of embarrassment. ... (53 replies)
... Well I wasn't even going to say anything to my husband cause he just doens't care about that stuff...well at least that is how he acts. Anyway I decided to tell him, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "so". ... (17 replies)
... He screems at every vehicle, because they are doing everything worng. I do have a wonderful relationship in most ways, but he takes his anger out on me, not by hitting at all but he scares me, by yelling and hitting walls. ... (22 replies)
... something for him. Maybe treat him to a week of luxery and paupering. Then maybe a vacation for jus the 2 of you. Just when your thinking those thought of maybe hitting him or yelling at him just take a second and see what he's doing for you. And how greatful he is. And try to hold in your anger and aggravation. ... (53 replies)
... Well I wasn't even going to say anything to my husband cause he just doens't care about that stuff...well at least that is how he acts. Anyway I decided to tell him, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "so". ... (17 replies)
... please dont make excuses for his actions. he should never raise his hands to you, shake you or even temp hitting you. this is a big red flag and you need to take this warning before its too late. please seak counceling, speak to a close family member you can trust. ... (3 replies)
... 1.Just because the advice given did not help her doesn't mean that she refused it. 2.She was aware that she had an anger problem by posting under Anger Management. Also, she was hoping for help for her problem by posting on an advice forum. Nobody forced her to do this which shows a certain level of mental stability and a wiilingness to change. 3.She is smart to first... (53 replies)
... Actually I have seen many post to her that could have helped her but she refused any of the advise. I'm sorry but I still think that your advise will not help her as I believe she has a mental condition and "thinking her way out of it" in my opinion will not work in her case. Sure, your advise may help sombody that is mentally stable, but I dont believe Ms. Rita is. ... (53 replies)
... I don't think you are aware of the power one has in there mind. I have tried this before and it works. It's about getting to the root of who a person really is without anything in the way. It's who you were when you were just a baby/saint. Anyone who can post on here has the ability to do this. It's very natural and self theraputic to just empty your mind and return to your... (53 replies)
... For the longest time I thought that I was just stressed out from having a new baby... you know all the new responsibilities, husband that didn't help, pressures from my job... same ol story... ... (21 replies)
... Rita, sometimes we have the tendacy to blame everthing on ourselves because we know what we are doing is wrong. I am in no way saying that hitting our husbands is right, but did you ever think that he may push you or provoke you into doing it? ... (53 replies)
... sts, you gave an example how the smallest things can set you off and your example described me. The example that I am speaking of, was when you were helping your husband with the laundry and the clothes hangers got all tangled up. You said that something as trivial as that, really pissed you off. ... (53 replies)
... I too have the destructive gene. I always feel better when I am angry after hitting something, someone or breaking things. I used to hit my husband alot, but have now stopped thak god. ... (5 replies)
Anger and Abuse
Jan 1, 2006
... angry. Am I, though, stupid in the way that he can hit me and Ill be black and blue but not feeling guilty or ashamed and then one tear from my mother and Ill be hitting myself and beating myself. Pathetic, I just suggest you stop the whole hitting people thing. Im trying. ... (8 replies)

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