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... orry that you are going through this because I know how you feel. If you are like me, I know that you have to be hurting inside. Sometimes I say to myself, "This is no way to live". ... (53 replies)
... Thanks for the long and helpful response. It's comforting to know that she isn't the ONLY child that does this, she's a CHILD and most children act this way. I KNEW that but you forget sometimes because I get so mad that she won't listen to me. ... (3 replies)
... We had a similiar problem 2 nights ago when my husband took us out to eat. I have been sick, and I can't go out much, but he wanted to get me out and spend some time. ... (3 replies)

... I am a very angry person. It stems from all the abuse I endured as a child. But, that is long ago, I am 48 now and still very angry. I've done all kind of therapies, anger management groups, etc, but my anger is still very strong. ... (4 replies)
... Me and husband have been together 3 and half years. I am 30 and he is 36. ... (10 replies)
... i dont know if this is the right place to put the post but here it goes anyway. I am married now. I have dated this guy for about 4 years before i got married. A year of our relationship was heaven for me. ... (1 replies)
... ONE is that I am 41 now and moving out of the age range where I will automatically get attention from men. I admit I have been immature with this one. ... (24 replies)
... Well going to the chaplain is out of the question because I would not want to risk being taken off the line. I hate going outside the wire but my friends count on me and I wont let them down. I will try to start to write my feelings out. ... (23 replies)
... I have an anger problem that is hurting my relationship with my husband. I cannot figure out if it is my Husband that is triggering the anger or if it is me. ... (2 replies)
Please help me
May 23, 2006
... Hello, I have just read your post, and i am quite empathetic to your needs. I too, was a young angry persaon. It started around the time I was 14, that I can recall. I am now 59 and things have lessened for me. But during my yrs. ... (4 replies)
... I am in a horrific pickle. A little background...I am a 36 year old female. Was married to an abusive alcoholic over a decade ago, then one day, the "switch" flipped and I suddenly realized I needed to make some changes. So, I packed up, left him, and have made a good life for myself ever since. ... (4 replies)
... Well, in the end he ended up taking her home and I have the day to myself. Yes, he is concerned that I am sleeping so much. ... (18 replies)
Angry at an ex
Nov 19, 2005
... I can see things from a different perspective as I am a stepmum to my husbands 4 year old son. I read on one of the posts about one of the mums who enjoyed seeing her son turn away from his father and reach out to her when his father came to pick him up. ... (29 replies)
... Thank you again for discussing my problem. Last night on the way to work, I started thinking of what she really did, and I got very depressed and very angry. To me, what she did, is just a step above rape or murder. ... (14 replies)
... I understand what you're going through as far as the anger goes. I'm sorry for your loss. ... (1 replies)
... My husband does crazy things when he gets mad or doesn't get his way. For example, twice he bolted out of the car as I was driving...going slowly, but still that's a bit extreme, I think. ... (2 replies)
... Another thing that is tough for me is my parents have never celebrated any of the holidays it is against there religion. So I my entire life had grown up never celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving. ... (5 replies)
... or give me some sort of assitance on what is wrong with me. Please keep reading, if you're interested or think you may can help with my issue. Thank you! ... (4 replies)
... Since you have been a nanny, maybe you have some set rules in your mind, yes you can bear these rules in the premises of the employer, or maybe rules set by your employers over the period of time have got into you. ... (7 replies)
... Nylady I am so glad you got out of the relationship. I had to separate from my husband for the same reason you mention. When you start walkling on those egg shells it is time to end it. your so right no one should live in fear. EVER. ... (14 replies)

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