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... Like I said, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may be able to help you. People who have clinical depression continue to "replay" negative events in their lives, reliving the events which caused their depression to begin with. ... (53 replies)
... sts, you gave an example how the smallest things can set you off and your example described me. The example that I am speaking of, was when you were helping your husband with the laundry and the clothes hangers got all tangled up. You said that something as trivial as that, really pissed you off. ... (53 replies)
Angry Husband!
Mar 15, 2004
... My husband told me last week that he wasn't attracted to me and didn't love me anymore. ... (20 replies)

Angry Husband!
Mar 16, 2004
... Yes that is abuse. It's called emotional abuse. That is awful torture to put yourself through. ... (20 replies)
Angry Husband!
Mar 16, 2004
... Some of what you say sounds familiar. Continue to surround yourself with all this hurtful talk is going to make you ill if it has not already. Don't try to change him because he is who he is. ... (20 replies)
... Your husband reminds me alot of my father. Everything I did always seemed to be a problem for him. Nothing was ever good enough. ... (6 replies)
... Actually, we are already doing all those things. My husband is very stoic, and has anything but negative thinking. Understand that he is getting 4 hours of sleep, working 10 hours a day, taking care of an infant and me and preparing for this massive project. There IS no way to do all that. OK? ... (2 replies)
... about 4 major relationships and these were quite "toxic" for me....arguing all the time, never agreeing on anything, etc. On my 5th major relationship, this man is totally different from the other 4 relationships. We do not argue. We agree on lots of things. He's has a soothing effect on our relationship. ... (7 replies)
Soooo Angrry
Oct 22, 2005
... Yes! I have a HUGE need to speak up for my rights, but then I get labelled as "negative" or an agitator. People come to me because they know I will stand up for them, but then they back down and leave me swinging! When people are rude or totally inconsiderate - I'm the one that gets yelled at because I stand up to them. "You don't have to get angry!" Even in a store, the... (8 replies)
... HELP!!! my ex husband is a royal pain. ... (0 replies)
... I'd like to thank those that have given answers to this, I just have to ask is destruction of a thing always bad, I mean if we are angry is it really terrible to break something that we don't care about or to scream? ... (10 replies)
... think of the positive..your wonderful husband and beautiful child. Think, every day, how blessed you are with what you have. Best of life... ... (3 replies)
... discovery and you have a good understanding of why you get angry. The next step is to find someone who can help you to see things in a positive way. I can relate to a lot of what you have said because I used to think like that too. ... (53 replies)
Anger and Abuse
Dec 18, 2005
... beat my children but I have lashed out in anger to spank their butts and then I realized OMG I am living what I learned and decided I HAD to break the cycle. My husband would provoke me to the point I wanted to hit him and then one day....I did! I felt that the only way for him to see how much I was hurt was to hurt him. ... (8 replies)
... Sure its nice to have coworkers as friends but there is quite a bit age differnce. Your 41 right? ... (24 replies)
... kind of advise to give, or what kind of help to offer because i am in almost the same boat as you. i am in councelling and on meds though, still don't know what is triggering my anger, but i'm hoping we'll get there soon enough. ... (53 replies)
... Well, in the end he ended up taking her home and I have the day to myself. Yes, he is concerned that I am sleeping so much. ... (18 replies)
... when he grows up and appreciates you but don't hold your breath. I hope you can find some good friends and not be around users or toxic people. He sounds like he is narcisstic which is a person who thinks only about himself. Don't expect too much from him. ... (21 replies)
Deeper Issues?
Sep 29, 2008
... ble in my life, and I have a great marriage. Yet NOTHING I have ever done has been good enough for my mother. Yet my sister who was pregnant before her and her husband marriage, has abused alcohol and drugs in the past and just received an associates degree at age 35, has always been my mothers favorite. ... (3 replies)
... All of you are right. Their are many emotions I go through. I realize she is lonely. She has to be since she alienates everyone with her antics. She always treated my mother like she was worthless. My mother and father divorced years ago. ... (8 replies)

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