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... then he started screaming so loud im sure the neighborhood heard it. ... (1 replies)
... If she is a strong independant women then im sure she will soon realise that she cant live this way herself as she is also doing herself harm. ... (6 replies)
... really do without! Ive got up noing its new years eve and i feel like killlin someone! I can tell you how my dayz gonna go after work and it aint gonna be good. Im feelin bex today at my partner, yes i lost control the other day, but he has told me he will support me. ... (35 replies)

... Maybe you both are extremely addicted to your video games. :dizzy: Sounds like you need to alternate between that game and other activities. What about your studies? What OTHER interests do you have? What about plans for your future? Got any???? :confused: (11 replies)
... that is EXACTLY what happens to me, for example, i used to play a video game online called battlefield 2, anyway, some persom kept standing on my corpse after i died sp he could kill me again, i got so angry i broke my headset and the game itself, so yeah, your not alone, im 15 btw (11 replies)
... Amber, not having the mother that you DESERVE would make anyone unhappy or angry. I didn't have a good mother, either but I had to work with what I had, not what I wished that I had, and now I have a really nice life after working through all of my issues (through therapy of course, which I see you feel negatively about). You cannot wait until your mom is happy for you to... (10 replies)
... Why are you so angry? Why does your mom go in your "past"? Is it something that you're still dealing with and she keeps throwing it in your face? That's painful! I know you don't want to hear the "go to couseling" bit, but it may help you. As far as siblings go, at one time or another, they will "push" their siblings' buttons. That's what they do. If you react to... (10 replies)
Fired, again.
May 12, 2007
... friends or family members and im not saying that would happen to you but you have to weigh the possibilities that it could happen and then you would be even more angry with YOURSELF for not continuing your therapy. ... (9 replies)
... Firstly, about getting to the sensible part first..this is NOT beyond him, tho he may need help to train himself to do this. He is flying off the handle like a toddler in a tantrum, before he gives his grown-up side a chance to deal. He CAN choose to control himself. We all have to do it, it is what being an adult is all about - taking responsibility. Secondly, your part in... (6 replies)
Woozy and anger
May 1, 2007
... maybe!!! I'll check with my GP tomorrow when i see him. what i meant by out of the blue is I have been angry before when my bp was higher and i did not get this sensation. could be age too. ... (7 replies)
... need to control my anger no matter what. It's not fair to anyone to be attacked with harsh words. I want to change this and it's just going to take effort but im sure it is something that I will be able to achieve. ... (17 replies)
Anger help
Nov 28, 2006
... ly get ticked off easily. by things like a video game or one of my family members doing something completly stupid and has no real reason to it. when alone and im mad i curse, grind my teeth, and in some cases throw and slam things. what can i do about this anger that i get when i am alone? ... (6 replies)
Nov 2, 2006
... Ok i have a question this past year since i been around my family alot i been havin these angry moments where i just break things or hurt myself...and i also like cuss alot too.. Im not sure what it is if its bipolar or what... ... (1 replies)
... a "i must stop this rage NOW or he'll leave me and you probably stop instantly cause you change from rage to crying and begging for him not to leave. i know what im talking about, because i used to be the same exact WAY. and yes i did change. drastically, any more and yes he would have left. ... (10 replies)
... His mom stopped raising him at the age of 10 and his dad as never been in his life. He has always been angry with them. He is the sweetest person I have ever met, but when he gets mad he punches holes in the wall and hits HIMSELF and yells at me and talks down to me. ... (3 replies)
... Well i was never too angry as a child, here are there, and when i was i cant remember what i did, obviously nothing serious. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, many teenage boys become more aggressive due to the increased testosterone, but your anger seems to be more than regular "teen angst." You seem to have a lot of issues with your family, and I would suggest talking to a counselor. I had a crappy childhood because of all of the trauma caused by my father, and after 18 years, therapy has allowed me to move on with my life... (11 replies)
... No, people at my school really didnt bully me at all, I had a group of my weird friends, and everyone else stayed away from us, because we were more of the bullys and backstabbers in the school. The only thing that bothered me was people calling my friend and I nazzis, we really dint care that they called us that, because we really acted like nazzis in school, but we didnt... (11 replies)
... Here is of questions that you may find helpful. "The first step to identifying and managing anger is to look within ourselves. Parents and teens can ask these questions of themselves to bring about self-awareness: Where does this anger come from? What situations bring out this feeling of anger? (11 replies)
... Hi WHY Anger is a normal emotional response. Anger always means something or someone is screwing with you because it is a reaction. Now anger and hatred are different. With me my anger grew into hatreds, some seemingly justifiable. Hatred is not the stuff to build a lifestyle out of, it just leads to more bumpy air. At 14 you are at a wonderfully challenging time of... (11 replies)

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