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... I agree that counseling can differ in quality. I don't think "overanalyzing" is the preferred treatment these days - that's kind of a Freudian thing that's going out of style. I'm concerned that "Why" needs some kind of medical treatment. Counseling is helpful for someone with mild depression or frustration. But this kind of rage needs serious treatment. It's quite normal... (11 replies)
... ^Because this person obviously has a problem. When you start to think to yourself you want to kill someone you have a problem. At the very least it is a good idea to understand the problem and why you are feeling this way. (11 replies)
... Hi, I read your post and I have to say, I'm a bit worried. You diffently need to find a good counciler to help you. You do have allot of anger issue's but it seem's to be your main focus. Take a look at your life, Your fourtten years old, yes being a teen-ager is totally tuff but reach deep down inside of you and see what your good quailty's are, start to focus on them.... (11 replies)

... You sound typical of a lot of 14-yr-old men. Hormone surges affect your thinking as well as your libido. Some people think adolescence is actually "temporary insanity". This doesn't mean it's anything to shrug off. Your anger is dangerous to you as well as other people. Don't let it get control of you. I don't think you need to work on being a "better person", just a... (11 replies)
... ngs like that, Since he said that I havent had any outbursts at him Ive been nice and doing things for him I wrote a big long apology in a letter to give him and Im just tryen hard to controll it I havent neccisarily wanted to yell at him YET though. ... (6 replies)
... I get angry with family mostly but my boyfreind is the mainvictim lol he brings it out more than anyoen Im really paranoid and that doesnt help I have all those stress about tons of things I am frustrated because of that and that causes anxiety!! ... (6 replies)
... I am the same way I get mad over noises when im trying to watch somthing or read or concentrate, liek my brother will be playign guitar when i am tryign to do somthing i get so mad and threaten to beat him with it and so on, I am also very impatient If i have to wait longer than 5 minutes for something I get angry quickly waiting in lines, being on hold,AIRPLANE rides, waiting... (2 replies)
... Hillary:) Don't worry, no harm done hun:) I didn't take it personal. I just wanted to explain what options we have here. Oh my gosh:( What a sad, sad story:( My gosh, I would have been upset too if I was that officer. I don't understand it either, I guess we just have that extra touch:) I am just like you with animals on the road. I swear, I will go in the ditch... (39 replies)
... Im sorry Chantel, I wasnt trying to chastize you. Just the whole idea of the dog being unwanted and all... Anyway, yeah, I had to stop watching that program too. On one episode, a black labrador had been left in a car for 3 days, it baked to death in the 90 degree heat. They actually showed the dog, and I wanted to cry. The officer went between throwing up and being horribly... (39 replies)
... anger problems. he has never hit me and i know he never would. but if something doesnt work for him or goes the wrong way he freaks out. he yells and screams. if im in position to i leave the room when this happens because i find it extrememly annoying. if i try to talk to him when hes angry he yells at me. ... (7 replies)
... Like I can look at this person who Im mad at and just know that at any time I could do this or that to them and no one could stop me. ... (21 replies)
... owerful when I'm angry. Not just normal "fight or flight" response power to be able to defend myself. It's like an evil power. Like I can look at this person who Im mad at and just know that at any time I could do this or that to them and no one could stop me. Having people be afraid of me makes me feel invincible. ... (21 replies)
... on my computer or sleeping, or outside. Either way, if she treats me like that, than I use her, however cold it sounds, Instead of getting myself depressed and angry I just get money from her to leave, come back later, n to make me food, which im sure your mom doesn't do for you, does she give you 'living' money? ... (5 replies)
... You should be getting my milk" This makes me very angry and I do not think it is ok for her to talk like this to people expecially her child!! ... (5 replies)
... f the time i used to be severly has got so much better...someone can cut me off in traffic kids and get crap on the seat of my car now...and im like um honey, can you please clean that up.... ... (9 replies)

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